Love Of Coaching

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

I spent most of yesterday coaching new runners at the Wellesley High School track.  They ranged from the daughter of a mother I coached for the 2013 Boston Marathon to a father and son who were inspired to run Boston 2014 after this year’s tragedy.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching runners privately this past year, a new dimension to my coaching.  I enjoy providing one-on-one attention to runners of all levels.  The focus of these personal sessions is to improve a runner’s technique and efficiency.  It’s transformative when runners realize they can run faster and longer with less effort.

Investing one day a week ‘practicing’ proper and efficient running technique at a local track will provide greater benefits than adding specificity in the form of distance or speed.  Improper form is one of the leading causes of injuries.  Runners need to feel the sense of accomplishment at the end of a challenging run and don’t always appreciate the benefit of slowing down and investing in improving their form through proper practice.

Privately coaching a much smaller group than the hundreds of Marathon Coalition runners I coach for the Boston Marathon requires a lot more time because I provide a day-by-day training program specifically for them; based entirely on their ability and goals.  But the reward of seeing runners of all abilities realize their running potential is the greatest gift a coach can receive.

I love coaching!




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