Calm Before The Storm

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have intentionally taken an extended break from posting for several reasons.  My travel schedule has been quite extensive, I have focused on my training and private coaching, and I have been mentally preparing for the upcoming training season.

The 2014 Boston Marathon will undoubtedly be the most meaningful, empowering and inspirational event in its 118 year history.  I expect and hope the journey I will be sharing with several hundred Marathon Coalition runners will significantly impact my history with the Boston Marathon.

Our first meeting occurs Thursday evening at the Museum of Science in Boston.  It will be wonderful to reunite with so many Marathon Coalition runners from the past year and welcome so many new runners to the TEAM.  Additionally, I will be reminded that nothing significant is ever accomplished alone when I share the evening with the incredibly dedicated staff of the 16 charities representing the Marathon Coalition.  It promises to be an evening of healing, hope and promise.

We have much work to focus on in the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred this past April.  We will focus on far more than completing the requisite mileage to prepare ourselves for April 21, 2014.  I suspect weekly training will have significant meaning to everyone attending and that we will all be living in the moment far more and extracting more meaning out of the entire experience.  Reconciling ‘why’ something so horrific occurred during one of the greatest human accomplishments and celebrations is simply unfathomable.  However, I know the spirit of every marathoner will trump the reality of that day beyond measure.

I am extremely grateful to have a glimpse inside the heart and soul of the runners Greg, Paul, Grayson and I will be preparing for Boston.  This will be a chapter in my life as a coach and person that promises to change and define me in immeasurable ways.  I am confident the friendships that will be forged and the bonds we establish in the coming months will go unbroken for the balance of our lives and will inspire us to continue to believe in the importance of serving others.

I have always believed that Empowering Others Through Running is far more than the Marathon Coalition’s tag line…it is truly the driving force behind  all that we do to prepare for the Boston Marathon and beyond!

This is going to be one incredible storm of dedication, determination, commitment and celebration!

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