One Door Closes

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“One Door Closes is testament to the power of the human spirit. Overcoming Adversity
continues to be the breeding ground of empowerment and the inspiration to continue to
pursue dreams. Tom and Jared have not only experienced this themselves, but they have
assembled an amazing group of people that have similar experiences. I highly
recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration and encouragement to never let
their dreams die!”

Rick Muhr, Co-Founder & Head Coach, The Marathon Coalition

I wrote this review for Marathon Coalition runner Tom Ingrassia’s new book, One Door Closes.  I’m always intrigued by the interests and passions of the runners I coach.  Tom is clearly motivated to live beyond his comfort zone and chase his dreams.  I asked him to share more about himself and his recent book.

Tom Ingrassia I


What are YOUR aspirations and hopes, YOUR goals and dreams for YOUR life in 2014?

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you CAN achieve your dreams…no matter the obstacles?

Do you have a blueprint to get from where you are to where you truly want to be in life—with vision, courage, determination and passion?

In other words, are you living into YOUR dreams?

2013 has been a mountaintop year for me. On April 15—at age 59 and exactly 3 years

after taking my first, tentative run—I ran my first Boston Marathon. Despite the tragedy of the day, and despite the fact that I was not able to cross the finish line, Boston was my best, most joyful run ever (and, based on BAA calculations, I was on track to shave 7 minutes off my previous marathon PR, posted in Atlantic City in October, 2012—thanks,

And in October, along with my business partner, Jared Chrudimsky, I published my first book—One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams (Wyatt-Mackenzie Publishing). This book had been roiling around in my head for at least 10years—and it took joining forces with Jared to turn that dream into reality.

One Door Closes captures the inspirational, highly emotional stories of 16 individuals from all walks of life who have triumphed over seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their dreams. Through first-person accounts, these incredible survivors describe their personal approaches to living their lives with vision, courage, determination and passion. They share the wisdom they learned along the way—often the hard way—wisdom readers can use on their own journeys.

Most of those profiled are “ordinary people who have achieved the extraordinary,” the odds. I share the story about how running has, quite literally, transformed my life. Another profile is of a triathlete who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a bicycle accident, and his long, hard fight back to life.

Also profiled are Scherrie Payne of The Supremes, June Monteiro of The Toys, and Mary Wilson of The Supremes (for whom I worked for 5 years)—who shares a special message of healing and hope that forms the Epilogue of the book.

We don’t stop there, though! Following the stories of our inspirational “wilderness guides,” we provide 10 self-assessment tools you can use to design your own, personal blueprint for success.

Jared and I crafted One Door Closes to provide you with the opportunity to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to focus on the things that are most important to you—your own hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations; your values, interests roadblocks and fears. These self-assessments will, we hope, guide you to enhance your sense of worth as an individual, take 100% responsibility for your life, clarify and set your goals, and tap into the power you already have within to achieve your goals…no matter the obstacles!

2013 was the year in which I broke through my own, self-imposed limitations to achieve things I previously thought were far beyond my natural abilities.

The Reverend Dr. martin Luther King, Jr., said “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Commit to making 2014 the year in which you become the best YOU possible.

If I can do this, so can YOU!

(One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams is available from


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