Woohoo…Macie Jo!

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had a perfect start to the New Year by running the 1st Day 5K in Whitinsville with Lori, Rider and Macie.  It was the first race the entire family ran together.  I’m confident it will be the first of many.

I wasn’t planning to participate but Macie decided she wanted to run and I’m certainly going to support her interest in running.  This would be her third 5K in as many months.  I agreed that I would run with her.  This was the first race in nearly 40 years that I wouldn’t be flat out racing…I knew it was going to be interesting.

She looked like a little Lori in her black running tights, black headband and her Altra Zero Drop running shoes.  Once she had her number pinned on we began our warm-up.  We laughed more than we warmed-up.  I love her personality and she kept offering one liners in rapid succession.  I kicked a bottle cap and she mentioned that I dropped by glass eye.

When the race started all I wanted to do was go to the front.  My competitive nature was raging but I tightened the reins and stayed by Macie’s side.  A runner next to us said, “Wow, another Muhr is a runner!”  I mentioned we were like the Chinese army, we are endless!

I tried to satisfy my competitiveness by pointing our several runners in front of us that I knew we could catch.  Macie kept complaining that she was too hot but I didn’t want to stop and lose time removing her jacket.  As always, her relentlessness won over my resistance and we stopped briefly as I tore her number off and quickly removed her jacket.  Then I told her it was time to roll.

Just after passing Mile 2 I told her we were going to run the final mile like Kenyans.  Just as I finished that sentence I found myself tumbling down the road.  I have no idea how I lost my footing but I rolled several times.  Macie ran by and asked, “Are you okay, Elvis?”  Although she was clearly tired, she hadn’t lost her humor.  I picked myself up and checked the condition of my shoes and running tights.  Their condition concerned me more than the golf ball sized bump on my elbow.

I regained my composure and we began to push to the finish.  When most parents tell their children to be quiet, it’s because they are speaking too loudly. When I told Macie Jo to be quiet today it was because she was losing her form in the final mile.  She immediately regained her form and was completely silent. It was touching when she asked, “Is that better, Dad?”

I was so proud of her effort.  She continued to push and pass people in the final mile.  Lori joined us with a little over a half-mile remaining and we finished together.  It was so special to enjoy the finish line with the entire family and many of our friends.

I cannot think of a better start to the New Year!

  1. Chad Hauff says:

    Thanks for the story Rick. This put a big smile on my face as I can easily imagine the scene. Macie is so mature for her age. You and Lori have reason to be proud.

    • Hello Chad,

      Happy New year! Thanks for your comment about today’s post. You’re absolutely right, Macie is mature beyond her years and Lori and I are so proud of her. I hope to see you next Saturday.


  2. What a lovely story! Hope to have a kid like Macie one day!

  3. Make sure you didn’t have a minor TIA. Sorry, it’s the differential diagnosis program in my brain coming out. Most likely you fell because you have not run at that pace ever. lol. Brian Bigelow

  4. Laura Meyerson says:

    Awesome story!!

  5. Laura Meyerson says:

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

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