Maximizing Your Training Effort

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Many runners focus on completing the scheduled distance of their runs at the neglect of equally important components.   Focusing on every aspect of your run will allow you to maximize the time and effort you invest in each run,  provide greater results and keep injuries at bay.

The first two miles can be the most challenging as your mind and body adjust to the rigors of running.  This is the perfect time to reduce your pace by 60-90 seconds per mile of the pace you expect to average for the remaining miles.  This approach allows you to establish a rhythm of proper technique, relaxed breathing and proper mental focus.  Structuring each run in this manner, whether a feel based run, hill repeats, tempo or intervals, establishes a foundation and methodology for running success.

Conversely, a run doesn’t end when you complete the scheduled distance. Focus should be on the recovery stage of training.

Be sure to maintain your form and focus during the final mile. You are more vulnerable to injury during the final mile because your level of fatigue is highest and your form is likely the worst-that is a dangerous combination.

Refueling, hydrating and stretching during the next 30 minutes helps with your recovery and prepares you for your next workout.

Developing a strategic approach to manage every aspect of your run increases your enjoyment and likelihood of success.



  1. says:

    Thanks again for your terrific advice, Rick! Keeps us on track and in the groove.

  2. You are welcome, David. It’s the least I can do for all that you’re doing to support the mission of Best Buddies. I owe you two responses. You will receive them today.


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