Making Adjustments To Your Boston Marathon Preparation

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

With just over two months before the Boston Marathon it’s time to assess what changes may be necessary to your training.

This is the phase in training where you can easily lose your mental focus.  Your mileage has been gradually increasing since December but it might feel like an arduous process. It’s similar to taking a long trip and feeling as though you’ll never arrive at your destination…suddenly it appears and new life is restored.  The Boston Marathon WILL be here soon so you need to capitalize on the remaining weeks of training.

Rather than focusing on just ‘getting through’ the next two months, I recommend you prepare for them like you would the actual marathon.  You need to go into the marathon with plenty of rest, properly fueled, well hydrated and with the proper mental preparation.  Begin each run moderately to establish a rhythm of perfect form and efficient breathing.

One of the greatest challenges is maintaining good and efficient running form after become tired.  Incorporating brief and regular walking breaks increases the likelihood this will occur.  When becoming tired,  you may tend to lean forward from the waist and tense up your upper body.  I recommend occasionally exhaling forcefully to rid your lungs of carbon dioxide, take a really deep inhale, drop your hands below your waist momentarily and then become mentally focused on sustaining this form until the next walk break.  Focusing less on technology during a run and more on maintaining perfect running form will yield greater results in the form of lower average heart rate, faster average pace, less chance of injury and a far more positive attitude about training.

Now is the time to share your fears and concerns with me so they can be addressed immediately.  Going into a state of denial won’t serve you well in the marathon.  We have plenty of time to adjust your training to provide the best possible situation on April 21, 2014!

  1. sjagodzi says:

    Thanks Rick!

    Question: do you mean walking helps or hurts in regard to getting tired?




    • Hello Stephanie,

      Taking regular but brief walk breaks helps your running. You will be able to manage your energy levels more effectively and maintain perfect form longer by incorporating this strategy into your running.


  2. Mike S says:

    I do not like running with a water bottle and the public fountains are all frozen. Do gatarade chomps serve the same purpose? Or close enough ?

    Ps. I was always running with headphones and a couple blogs ago you mentioned running tech free and I LOVE it. I thought I would be bored but not at all.

    • Hello Mike,

      The Gatorade Chomps won’t replace hydration. The Fuel Belt is a great option as it’s worn on your waist and is far less obtrusive. Otherwise, your only option is to take advantage of the charity water stops on Saturday or carrying money and stopping at stores to hydrate…which isn’t ideal. However, going into each run well hydrated is a huge step in the right direction.


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