In Memory Of Mom: A Son’s Journey Of Inspiration

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Rick Muhr

When I awoke on July 10, 1996 I had no idea my life would be forever changed…in a dramatic and significant way.  I received a call from my sister sharing the startling news that our mother had been diagnosed with leukemia.  I couldn’t get to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota soon enough.

She passed 3 weeks later, but not before I had the opportunity to promise her that I would do something significant with my life to honor her memory.

The past 18 years have been the most significant of my life as I have passionately pursued that commitment to mom.  Thanks to the thousands of runners I have had the honor and privilege of coaching, this truly has been a journey of inspiration.

I’m thrilled to announce that I, along with my co-author and Marathon Coalition runner, Kelly Williamson, will be documenting this inspirational journey in a book; In Memory Of Mom: A Son’s Journey of Inspiration!

If I have coached you and had an impact on your life, I hope you will visit our website and consider sharing your story to be considered for inclusion in our book:

Boston Marathon Coaching Picture

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