Posted: December 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Grafton Road Race II

More than anything…I AM A RUNNER! Running has been at the center of my life for the past 40 years and has been instrumental in defining who I am. It has prepared me for setback, disappointment, failure and even tragedy. Running has immeasurably improved my health, wellness and fitness. It has nourished my soul and been the primary source of empowerment and inspiration to chase my dreams in an attempt to live life with more meaning and purpose.

Running has allowed me to become a coach. And now I am also defined by that, which brings a greater degree of fulfillment and happiness into my life. Today begins another journey of preparing nearly 200 Marathon Coalition runners for the 2015 Boston Marathon and I could not hope for any more abundance in my life.

This journey will provide hope and opportunity to people who have gone far too long without both. I couldn’t be more proud of what the Marathon Coalition represents…Empowering Others Through Running!


  1. Fred Grosso says:

    Great enthusiasm Rick. I always enjoyed training with the teams. Give my love to Lori and the kids. Will Ryder be a teenager during this training season?

  2. Thank you, Fred. Rider will be 15 in July…pretty surprising.

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