Managing The Chaos And Unexpected

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

The best runners I have trained (regardless of time) are those that effectively manage the unexpected in training and on race day.

We tend to operate at our best when everything goes according to plan.  However, 5 months of training for a marathon is wrought with the challenges of managing the unexpected.  This is an inevitable consequence of preparing for something as significant as the Boston Marathon.

A positive attitude is the best insurance against being derailed by the unexpected.  The challenge may be as simple as ignoring your watch if it isn’t operating properly or as complex as an unexpected storm or getting lost during a run.

Becoming easily frustrated can turn a manageable situation into a crisis.  Anticipating potential problems in advance and being flexible and positive in your response will ensure you make the most of a challenging situation.

Disaster preparedness and management is as important to your marathon success as your actual running.  Focus on developing the ability to handle and manage stress and you be rewarded with a meaningful marathon experience.





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