Coaching Bio

True greatness is not what we accomplish ourselves, but the greatness we inspire in others! -Rick Muhr

Coach Rick Muhr brings 22 years of marathon coaching experience to the Marathon Coalition TEAM. His ability to motivate and inspire has gotten thousands of runners across the finish line of numerous marathons throughout the world.

For 12 years, Rick was head coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program, preparing runners for marathons not only in Boston and around the United States, but also in Dublin and Bermuda.

Although Rick’s basic training program takes runners of all abilities to the starting line, he customizes the program to meet each individual’s goals. He educates his runners on important topics such as core strengthening, stretching, the mechanics of running (e.g., form and pace), nutrition, fueling for workouts and recovery, injury prevention, cross-training, sport psychology and running shoe and proper apparel selection.

In addition, Rick is always focused on fundraising, building on his experience as a participant in the Team In Training program as a runner, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year campaign (in which Rick was chosen as Man of the Year), and his Run Across Massachusetts for the Special Olympics, among others.

Personal Running Highlights

  • Rick has completed 32 marathons spanning 5 decades and has qualified for Boston in each marathon.
  • His marathon personal record is 2:33 which he ran in Chicago twice and the Rockford, Illinois marathon.
  • 1983: Rick was ranked fifth in the country at 100K (62 miles).
  • 2002: Running entirely on a track, Rick completed 50 miles in ten hours to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year campaign (and he was chosen the 2002 Man of the Year).
  • 2004: For the Run Across Massachusetts, Rick ran 165 miles in five days — from the New York border to the state house in Boston — to raise awareness and money for the Special Olympics.
  • Rick was selected as a torch-bearer in the 2004 Olympic Torch Relay.
  • 2006: Rick ran 62 miles on a track to raise funds for the Dr. Cynthia Lucero Latino Mental Health Program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.
  • Rick was also the Head Men’s Cross Country Coach at Worcester State University.
  1. […] to when I trained for Boston at the beginning of the year. In fact for this race I decided to ask Coach Rick Muhr to be my coach. I met Rick through lululemon early this year, during one of the Boston Marathon […]

  2. […] that train together and support each other’s outreach efforts throughout the marathon season. Coach Rick Muhr graciously allowed the HCF team to practice with the Coalition this year, which is a rare exception […]

  3. […] we headed out, MC Coach Rick Muhr reminded us of how little training time is left, just 2 more long runs (19 and 21 miles) before […]

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  5. Bill Adler says:

    Hey Rick,
    This is Bill from Staunton….Just wanted to let you know that you and your runners were in our thoughts and prayer.

  6. David Ferrick says:

    Hi Rick, I just attended your presentation at Hanscom AFB. Thanks so much for your terrific knowledge and inspiration. My son, Brad couldn’t attend and I wish I had taped your talk. I wanted to remember everything you said. Are any of your speeches on youtube? Thanks Again, David Ferrick

    • Hello David,

      Thank you so much for attending today’s presentation. It was wonderful to return to an Air Force Base…I felt right at home. I don’t have any of my presentations taped but I am going to be sure to tape one of the next presentations. I have 4 of them scheduled during the next month. In the interim, I hope you will have Brad contact me with any questions.



  7. […] run as part of Team Tufts Medical Center with the Marathon Coalition.  Before our run began, Coach Rick kicked off the morning with a great, motivational talk for the group.  He reminded us of the […]

  8. Ben Gauthier says:

    Hi rick,
    I met you today at the 15 mile marker. I talked to you for a minute and you told me to come to your website. I am currently a highschool track runner and really want to do the Boston marathon next year. I am not so much worried about the training but more so how I will be able to sign up. Is it a lot of money to raise to do the marathon? Should I try to run another marathon before? I would really appreciate if you took the time to reply.
    Thank you,
    Ben Gauthier

  9. […] couple months before the race, I spoke with Rick Muhr, a long-time Boston Marathon running coach, lamenting the gradual breakdown of my mid-30s body. I […]

  10. […] couple months before the race, I spoke with Rick Muhr, a long-time Boston Marathon running coach, lamenting the gradual breakdown of my mid-30s body. I […]

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