“Rick Muhr is just great. Though he runs with the gods, he doesn’t neglect the rest of us. Rick is in the same league as Fred Lebow and Grete Waitz.” -Professor Wick Sloane 2011 Boston Marathon Finisher

“Rick Muhr knows running.  And he knows how to motivate.  He also knows some other things about life, which are the most important lessons we can all take away from this incredible experience.   If you lift up others you lift up yourself. And your extraordinary fund-raising efforts will lift up others for whatever charity you’ve been raising funds.  And he taught us something else: If you never dream big you will never stand tall.  When you dream big you have to persevere, whatever comes up along the way.   It’s about having the passion to go for something and the discipline to get there.  That lesson can be applied to all areas of your life – your running, your work, your hobbies, even your relationships.  As Rick will tell you, why hold back in life. Why sit on the sidelines. Get out there. Take a chance. Be strong. Boston strong!” -David Rogers Treadwell 2008 and 2014 Boston Marathon Finisher

 “Thank you Rick!! I’m so happy my mom and I saw you in Wellesley!! We were exhausted and seeing you gave us the boost we needed! You’re such a wonderful coach and I really appreciate you taking the time to train me! Your inspiration helped me finish the marathon. Thanks for everything!”-Lauren Vulcano 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor and 2014 Boston Marathon Finisher

“It’s been an absolute honor having you to guide me over the last few years. I cannot even tell you how much you have changed my life in such a positive way. I literally went from having no hope or faith in myself, to believing I can achieve anything. I honestly cannot thank you enough for helping me find my life again.” Sherée Dunwell Boston Marathon 2011, 2012, 2014 Finisher

“I couldn’t have PR-ed by 16 minutes without the help of my amazing coach, Rick Muhr. It is mind-blowing that in about 2 months, he has changed me completely as a runner. He helped me take 16 minutes off of my marathon time, giving me the encouragement and confidence to be the runner that I want to be. I am still in shock and blown away!” – Natascia Armitage-3:11:09 2012 Chicago Marathon, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Boston Marathon Finisher

“I was invited to attend a Saturday training run given by Coach Rick, with a fellow (very inspiring) blogger and Boston Marathon runner, Sheree’.  This was the first time I’d ever met Sherée in person, and also the first time that I’d ever shared a training run with 40+ people and a Real Life Running Coach. I didn’t know what to expect, but I found myself sitting in a large room on the basement floor of the First Baptist Church in Newton, tights-clad butts in chairs lining the walls, every pair of eyes following the man with the inspired voice in the center. Coach Rick is just one of those people: you know the type, the guy who makes you feel like you could save the world with a paperclip. The kind of person who holds your gaze and appears truly enthusiastic about making your acquaintance, who instantly makes you feel important to him, even if you only just shook hands. He possesses the powerful companionability that got Barrack Obama voted into the White House, and the unshakable integrity of your greatest personal hero. The man talked for an entire hour in that church basement, and I was hooked the whole time. He mentioned the training and the fundraising that most of the runners had to do, but he talked about a lot of other stuff too. Motivating stuff. Sad stuff. Awe-inducing stuff. Stuff that you think about later on when you’re by yourself in the shower or having a bad day. All I could think the whole time was, man…if I had Coach Rick last winter, I bet that Incident of the Colossal Hill never would have happened, nor would I have had such a shitty outlook upon finishing my first half marathon. Hell…if I had Coach Rick last year, I might have run an entire marathon instead of just half of one. There was such a sense of community there, that I felt like I could conquer any distance I wanted, as long as I had this team of runners and coach with me.” -Trisha Reeves

“Rick, you were there from the beginning, believing in me when I had zero experience and confidence, and you continue to be there for me and so many others day after day! I cannot begin to thank you enough. More than anything, this experience reminds me of how powerful our words are, and how our affirmation of another person’s dreams can set them on the path of incredible possibilities. What an awesome gift! Thanks for giving it to me and so many others.” -Trish Reske 2000 San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon, 2001-2007 Boston Marathon

“Coach Rick inspired us to become greater individuals as a whole, not just greater runners.  I am forever grateful!” -Ryan Simmons 2012 Boston Marathon

Rick Muhr is the very best kind of coach – knowledgeable, experienced, motivating and enthusiastic. He’s never negative, but you would feel truly terrible about giving him anything less than all you’ve got.  He’s terrific, and his speech last night, just like last year, was enough to leave me feeling back on top of the world, excited for Saturday’s first long run.” -Kate Ziegler 2011  and 2012 Boston Marathon

“I would not have finished the Boston Marathon yesterday if you had not taken a moment with me. The calm and strength of your words first made me cry, then gave me the courage to push through. I was in a bad place when I reached you at mile 15. Recovering from a stomach bug- I just wasnt me. Erin knew if she got me to you, there would be no way I could stop. She was right!  You were my “official” coach for the 2007 Marathon, but your influence, knowledge, and positive energy continues to make a difference in my life. I am so thankful for you. I am eternally thankful for the difference you made in my race yesterday. I carried your words with me for the remaining 11 miles and across the finish line.  Thank you for being you and making a difference in so many lives. You will always hold a special place in my heart. ♥♥“--Rose Marie Furey 2011 Boston Marathon

” Take it from me…a 5 time Boston Marathon veteran (four of them with teams you have coached). YOU and your family have been significant in my life…not to mention the impact to the patients of the charities you have represented over the ye…ars. Millions of dollars raised due to your enthusiasm, a growing family of runners you’ve mentored, and the patients lives that have been touched over the years. Yes…I’d say you and your family ARE significant and that your mom would agree that your promise has been fulfilled every day!! Thanks to you, Lori, Rider, and Macie for allowing me into this special group of people with memories that will last a lifetime!” -Bob Williams  5 Time Boston Marathon Finisher

“A running clinic from Coach Rick Muhr in the morning means a feeling like you can take over the world all afternoon!” -Laura Gassner Otting 2012 and 2014 Boston Marathon Finisher

“A big thank-you to Coach Rick  for giving our runners – and the Marathon Coalition runners – the advice, expertise, and encouragement they needed to cross the finish line. Your training was invaluable!” -Mass Mentoring Partnership

“Thank you for the support you gave me through all those injuries so that I could finish Boston twice… that is a real gift you gave me!”-Christine Primiano

” Had it not been for your unending support, I never would have been able to finally see in myself what I see now, and that is someone who’s become a proud FINISHER.”-Sherée Dunwell From 220lbs To The 2011 and 2012 and 2014 Boston Marathon

“I have no doubt you will continue to inspire, encourage, motivate and most importantly…truly touch people in a way that changes their lives forever, that brings out the very best in them. Few people posses that ability and you are one of them.” -Kim Bonadio

“I was fortunate to be coached by Rick Muhr as I trained for my first marathon in 16 years. Rick is extremely knowledgeable about effective training for endurance events, and he is also a superb communicator. Whether sharing stories of his personal inspiration, or tips on stretching and proper hydration, Rick’s enthusiasm is contagious. More than anything else, Rick always believed that I could finish the Boston Marathon, and I did — with a qualifying time!”-Kelly Largey

“I just wanted to say a giant THANK YOU for your support on the course yesterday. I had completely slipped into a funk around mile 15 and when you ran along side of me, you brought me out of the funk! It was perfect timing that probably salvaged my race and put me back on pace to run my goal of a sub 3:50.”-Sara Smiarowski 2010 Boston Marathon Qualifier

“Rick, you work harder than just about anyone I know and you give everything you have for other people. You do amazing things every day and remain humble about your own accomplishments. You inspired me to do more than I ever imagined possible just by being my friend and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you!” -Johnny Johnson

“Coach Rick, I’m already suffering from withdrawal. Saturday mornings won’t be the same. There was comfort knowing no matter how the week unfolded I could count on the alarm going off on Saturdays and just after 8am, without fail, you’d uplift my and many others’ spirits, instilling confidence, warming our hearts and perhaps most impressive–propelling us enthusiastically out into the elements! Thanks again!”-Lori Baronian 2011 and 2014 Boston Marathon Finisher

“Rick.. if I didn’t have you as a coach and a friend, this would not have been possible. The promise you made to your Mom has been fulfilled many times over. You inspire me and thousands, literally thousands of others!” -Paul McCarron 12 Time Boston Marathon Finisher

“Coach Rick has been an incredible guide for me as I continue to work on my running skills. He is the best and has an amazing way of encouraging me, teaching me and holding me accountable for the commitment I’ve made to myself. Thanks so much Rick.” -Penelope Hauck 2013 Boston Marathon

“Rick Muhr is an amazing coach! And I thank him for continuously inspiring me to better myself and my running!” –Christine Burrows Tierney 2011 Boston Marathon

” My runs on Saturdays are always filled with more energy than my weekday mornings, is there a Coach Rick App for that?” -Maggie Lapan 2012 Boston Marathon

“Thanks to Coach Rick, who has found his true calling in life. His many years of coaching charity runners has resulted in millions of dollars in donations, and a great positive impact in thousands of lives. You are an inspiration. It was a pleasure training with you. Thank you my friend.” -Anthony Encarnacao 2012 Boston Marathon

“Rick, I wanted to reach out publicly and give you a warm “Thank You!” for the outstanding coaching and inspiration that you’ve given to me and the scores of Marathon Coalition runners! For decades I never trained with a team, but the experience with the Marathon Coalition has changed my perspective. I know you put your heart and soul into helping us reach our potential … and I’m sure it has come with its share of heartache and exhaustion. Keep up the great job … you have positively changed so many lives. And an extra special “shout out” to Lori! Nothing great is ever achieved alone!”-Steve MacLellan 2011-2014 Boston Marathon

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