Running Stats

Putting the Hammer Down In the 2009 Grafton Road Race

Richmond Newspapers 8-Oct-78 Richmond, Virginia 2:59:55 Boston qualifying time was 3:00 hours so I made it with 5 seconds to spare!
Marine Corps Marathon 5-Nov-78 Washington, DC 2:55:00 I didn’t realize I had farther to run when I first spotted the Iwo Jima Memorial
Virginia Beach Marathon 17-Mar-79 Virginia Beach, Virginia 2:47:28 Unexpectedly emotional finish on the boardwalk!
Boston Marathon 16-Apr-79 Boston, Massachusetts 2:48:35 Just an amazing trip.  Drove up from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia in a Fiat 128!
Rockford Marathon 4-Jul-80 Rockford, Illinois 2:45:27 The first of an impressive string of Rockford finishes!
Iowa City Marathon 2-Nov-80 Iowa City, Iowa 2:402:51 Out and back through the farms.  This was an amazingly flat course.
America’s Marathon 27-Sep-81 Chicago, Illinois 2:33:41 This was definitely a breakthrough marathon for me!
Rockford Marathon 4-Jul-82 Rockford, Illinois 2:39:34
Chicago Marathon 27-Sep-82 Chicago, Illinois 2:40:25
Milwaukee Marathon 10-Oct-82 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2:45:59
Boston Marathon 18-Apr-83 Boston, Massachusetts 2:38:44 This is my Boston Marathon PR!
Chicago Marathon 16-Oct-83 Chicago, Illinois 2:33:55 This was my second 2:33 marathon on this course!
Rockford Marathon 13-Nov-83 Rockford, Illinois 2:33:13 This was my third 2:33 and my all-time marathon PR!
St. Louis Marathon 4-Dec-83 St. Louis, Missouri 2:40:34 I didn’t plan to run this marathon.  I had to have my running shoes sent to me.
Boston Marathon 20-Apr-81 Boston, Massachusetts 2:48:25
Twin Cities Marathon 30-Sep-84 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 2:40:34
Grandma’s Marathon Jun-85 Duluth, Minnesota 2:39:58
Grandma’s Marathon Jun-86 Duluth, Minnesota 2:44:51
Twin Cities Marathon Oct-87 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 2:40:40
Twin Cities Marathon 2-Oct-88 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 2:54:58
Twin Cities Marathon 8-Oct-89 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 2:58:40
Chicago Marathon 28-Oct-80 Chicago, Illinois 2:40:06 This was the new Chicago marathon course!
Boston Marathon 15-Apr-91 Boston, Massachusetts 2:51:05
First Tennessee Marathon 1-Dec-91 Memphis, Tennessee 2:51:35
Rocket City Marathon 14-Dec-91 Huntsville, Alabama 2:50:55
Ocean State Marathon 10-Nov-96 Narragansett, RI 3:06:51 I decided to run this marathon while attending the pasta party the night before.
Boston Marathon 21-Apr-97 Boston, Massachusetts 3:06:03 I ran with an injured right knee and shouldn’t have.
Portland Marathon 3-Oct-04 Portland, Maine 3:16:54 Finished 14th  out of 96 in my age group.
Hartford Marathon 11-Oct-08 Hartford, Connecticut 3:31:23 Finished 28th out of 144 in my age group.
Boston Marathon 20-Apr-09 Boston, Massachusetts 3:23:23
Providence Marathon 3-May-09 Providence, Rhode Island 3:20:38 Finished 3rd out of 73 in my age group.
Phoenix Rock n’ Roll Marathon 16-Jan-11 Phoenix, Arizona 3:27:47
Colonial Relays Half-Marathon 18-Apr-79 Williamsburg, Virginia 1:17:26
Kunsan Half-Marathon Sep-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea 1:12:12
Corn Festival Half-Marathon 28-Sep-80 Morris, Illinois 1:14:07
Harvest Hustle Half-Marathon 12-Sep-82 Cary-Grove, Illinois 1:19:00 This was an unbelievably hilly course!
Johnny Kelly Half-Marathon 7-Sep-92 Hyannis, Massachusetts 1:20:40
New Bedford Half-Marathon 16-Mar-97 New Bedford, Massachusetts 1:20:50
Law Enforcement Half-Marthon 14-Mar-04 Wakefield, Massachusetts 1:31:38
Boston Run To Remember 24-May-09 Boston, Massachusetts 1:27:54
Boston Run To Remember 30-May-10 Boston, Massachusetts 1:35:30 Finished 7th out of 214 in my age group.
ING Hartford Half-Marathon 9-Oct-10 Hartford, Connecticut 1:32:27 Finished 9th out of 207 in my age group.
Catfish Days 27-Jul-80 Wilmington, Illinois 56:06:00
Wilmington 10 Miler 26-Jul-81 Wilmington, Illinois 56:55:00
Coal City Centennial 10 Miler 16-Aug-81 Coal City, Illinois 56:28:37
Valley Fox Trot 10 Miler 31-May-82 Elgin, Illinois 54:49:50
Valley Fox Trot 10 Miler 30-May-83 Elgin, Illinois 55:29:00
Newburyport 10 Miler 3-Aug-88 Newburyport, Massachusetts 1:03:03 This was an evening race and it was unbelievably hot!
Spring Thing 10,000 Meters 20-May-79 Newport News, Virginia 35:06:00
Casemate Classic 10K 1-Jun-79 Ft. Monroe, Virginia 34:31:00
Old Canals Day 10K 16-Jun-79 Lockport, Illinois 37:41:00
Old Canals Day 10K 21-Jun-80 Lockport, Illinois 34:37:00
Carbon Hill 10,000 22-Jun-80 Carbon Hill, Illinois 34:51:00
Ogelsby 10,000 28-Jun-80 Joliet, Illinois 34:58:00
Olympian Classic 10K 20-Jul-80 Joliet, Illinois 34:20:00
Seneca 10,000 10-Aug-80 Seneca, Illinois 34:10:01
Rockdale 10,000 24-Aug-80 Rockdale, Illinois 34:52:00
Chanahon 10,000 7-Sep-80 Chanahon, Illinois 33:28:52 I won this race.  It was the only race my mom wasn’t able to attend all summer!
Shorweood 10,000 21-Sep-80 Shorewood, Illinois 34:23:00
Governor’s 10,000 5-Oct-80 Kankakee, Illinois 33:28:00
Gordies Run 12-Apr-81 Joliet, Illinois 35:10:00
Heritage Bank 10K 14-Jun-81 Crest Hill, Illinois 36:10:00
Carbon Hill 10,000 21-Jun-81 Carbon Hill, Illinois 34:23:15
Joliet Days 10,000 12-Jul-81 Joliet, Illinois 34:27:00
Northbrook 10,000 9-Aug-81 Northbrook, Illinois 34:37:84
Poplar Creek 10,000 30-Aug-81 Hoffman Estates, Illinois 34:38:71
Rockdale 10,000 7-Sep-81 Rockdale, Illinois 34:44:00
Shorweood 10,000 13-Sep-81 Shorewood, Illinois 34:12:00
Rosemont Horizon 10,000 26-Nov-81 Rosemont, Illinois 32:25:19
Rockdale Ramblin Run 5-Sep-82 Rockdale, Illinois 34:54:00
Rockdale Ramblin Run 5-Sep-83 Rockdale, Illinois 34:10:00
Dundee Tenathon 10-Sep-83 Dundee, Illinois 33:55:00
McHenry 10,000 1-Jul-84 McHenry, Illinois 33:32:96
Rockdale Ramblin Run 3-Sep-84 Rockdale, Illinois 34:09:00
Run In The Sun 10K 9-Sep-84 Dundee, Illinois 34:12:00 I won this race!
Get In Gear 10K 27-Apr-85 St. Paul, Minnesota 33:26:00
Winsted Legion Days 10K 11-Aug-85 Winsted, Minnesota 33:27:00
Wild Rose 10,000 16-Jul-88 35:16:00
Pickering Wharf 10K 5-Aug-88 Salem, Massachusetts 36:18:00 This was an evening race and was unbelievably humid!
Badger State Games 25-Jun-89 Madison, Wisconsin 35:58:00 I finished 17th overall!
Chileda Classic 10K 2-Jul-89 Lacrosse, Wisonsin 35:28:00
Central Life Special Olympics 29-Sep-90 33:53:00 I finished 2nd overall!
Optimist Run 7-Dec-91 Madison, Wisconsin 36:17:00
Freezeroo 10K 8-Feb-91 Madison, Wisconsin 34:01:00
Jogging Jamboree 19-Nov-79 Langley Air Force Base, Virginia 17:24 This was the very first race that I ever raced in.  I had the number 3 written on an index card in magic marker!
Gosnold’s Park 3.7 miler 26-Aug-79 Langley Air Force Base, Virginia N/A
Virginia Beach 5 Miler 6-Jan-79 Virginia Beach, Virginia 27:18:00
Black History Week 3 Miler 15-Feb-79 Langley Air Force Base, Virginia 16:41
PTC Winter Championships 11-Mar-79 Hampton, Virginia 30:28:00 The distance of this race was 5.5 miles.
Yorktown Victory Run 26-May-79 Yorktown, Virginia N/A The distance of this race was 8 miles.
Kunsan 6 Miler 16-Sep-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea 32:40:79 The following 3 races comprised the Korean Military Running Championships.  I won all three races.  In addition, I set a half-
Osan 3 Miler 28-Sep-79 Osan Air Base, South Korea 16:31 Half-marathon PR when I won the Kunsan Air Base Half-Marathon in 1:12:12!
Kunsan 6 Miler 30-Sep-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea 35:00:00
Kunsan 2.9 Miler 4-Nov-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea 14:38
Kunsan 6 Miler 11-Nov-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea 33:59:00
Kunsan 3 Miler 18-Nov-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea 16:05
Kunsan 3 Miler 25-Nov-79 Kunsan Air Base, South Korea N/A
Japan 4 Miler Walk-A-Thon 16-Mar-80 Okinawa, Japan 42:00:00 I had never competed in a walking race before.  I found it extremely difficult and my hips hurt immensely afterwards.
Japan 4.35 miles 16-Mar-80 Okinawa, Japan 26:43:85
WLS Run For The Zoo 1-Jun-80 Chicago, Illinois 51:20:00 The distance of this race was 8.9 miles.
5 Mile Prediction Run 11-Jan-81 Joliet, Illinois 28:13:00 Watches were prohibited from being worn during this race.
Frosty 5 Miler 25-Jan-81 Chanahon, Illinois 27:06:00
Naperville YMCA Halloween 4 miler 31-Oct-81 Naperville, Illinois 21:08 This race was run at night and their were lighted pumpkins lining the finish line!
BIX 7 Miler 30-Jul-83 Davenport, Iowa 39:44:00 I ran this race in 5:40 pace.
Crains Challenge 12K 24-Jul-83 Itasca, Illinois 40:55:00
Alzheimers Disease 5K 6-Nov-83 Chicago, Illinois 16:05 New Balance sponsored this race and I was a tech. rep. for them in the midwest.
Carol Stream 5K 4-Jul-84 Carol Stream, Illinois 17:04 I ran this race in 5:30 pace.
St. Charles Lite Beer 8K 7-Jul-84 St. Charles, Illinois 26:38:00
BIX 7 Miler 28-Jul-84 Davenport, Iowa 39:22:00
Bush Lake 4 Miler 22-Nov-84 Bloomington, Minnesota 22:12
Minneapple River Run Jul-85 Minneapolis, Minnesota 29:26:00
Valentine’s Day 5K 15-Feb-86 17:12
St. Patrick’s Day 5 Miler 16-Mar-86 27:04:00
IRSA 5K Mar-87 Dallas, Texas 16:59
YMCA 4 Miler 20-Sep-92 Wakefield, Massachusetts 22:16
Alamo 5 Miler 10-Apr-93 28:56:00 I ran this race in 5:45 pace.
Breakheart 6K 1-May-93 21:26 I ran 5:46 on an incredibly hilly course.
Stu’s 30K 9-Mar-97 Clinton, Massachusetts 1:58:44 This was one of the most difficult races that I’ve ever run.  It had a particularly challenging hill at the finish line.
Whitin 5 Miler Novermber 22, 2001 Whitinsville, Massachusetts 31:38:00 I ran this race in 6:20 pace.  This was also my first race in nearly 4 years.
Ric Buxton Memorial 5 K 2-Dec-01 West Boylston, Massachusetts 19:41
Grafton Gazebo 5 Miler 4-May-02 Grafton, Massachusetts 32:09:00
Charlton 5 Miler 2-Sep-02 Charlton, Massachusetts 33:03:00 This was also one of the most challenging (i.e., hilly) courses that I’ve ever run.
Ronny’s Run 4 Miler 23-Aug-03 Worcester, Massachusetts 25:27:00 I ran this race in 6:22 pace and finished 13th overall.
Heroes 5K 4-Apr-04 Lowell, Massachusetts 19:09 I ran this race in 6:10 pace.
Ronny’s Run 4 Miler 28-Aug-04 Worcester, Massachusetts 25:00:00 I ran this race in 6:15 pace and finished 7th overall.
Sweetcorn Festival 5K 4-Sep-04 Columbus, Ohio 19:00 I ran 6:07 pace and finished 23rd overall.  I didn’t even place in my age group.  This was the first race my dad ever saw!
Marathon Sports 5 Miler Jul-05 Wellesley, Massachusetts 33:44:00 I ran 6:45 pace on a very hot and humid evening.
Grafton Gazebo 5 Miler 5-May-07 Grafton, Massachusetts 33:58:00 I ran this race in 6:45 pace.
Grafton Gazebo 5 Miler 3-May-08 Grafton, Massachusetts 33:50:00
Marathon Sports 5 Miler 17-Jul-08 Wellesley, Massachusetts 33:18:00 I ran this race in 6:45 pace.
Whitin 5 Miler 27-Nov-08 Whitinsville, Massachusetts 32:28:00 I ran this race in 6:29 pace.
Grafton Gazebo 5 Miler 2-May-09 Grafton, Massachusetts 32:04:00 I ran this race in 6:25 pace.
Whitin 5 Miler 26-Nov-09 Whitinsville, Massachusetts 32:05:00 I ran this race in 6:25 pace
Grafton Gazebo 5 Miler 1-May-10 Grafton, Massachusetts 34:13:00
Border To Border 17-Aug-87 Minnesota 9:43:12 This was a 200 mile bike relay with Mark Lorden
Border To Border 18-Aug-87 Minnesota 10:20:39 This was a 215 mile bike relay with Mark Lorden
Border To Border 19-Aug-87 Minnesota 5:03:44 This was a 50 mile run relay with Mark Lorden
Border To Border 20-Aug-87 Minnesota 10:02:30 This was a 50 mile team canoe race with 12 portages.  It wasn’t pretty 🙂
Edmund Fitzgerald 100K 22-Oct-89 Duluth, Minnesota 8:41:47 This was the National Championships for 100K and I finished 5th overall.  I happened to be in Duluth and decided to run.
F.A.N.S. 24 Hour Run 30-Jun-90 Minneapolis, Minnesota 16 hours I only completed 73.4 miles before I had to take a nap.  When I awoke the race was over.  I won’t make that
Ice Age Trail 50 Miler 18-May-91 Kettle Morraine, Wisconsin 7:06:36 This was my first ultra trail race.
F.A.N.S. 24 Hour Run 30-Jun-91 Minneapolis, Minnesota 24 hours I covered 107.3 miles in this race!
  1. Alana B. says:

    This is amazing! 🙂 Such inspiration for a new marathon runner!

    • Hello Alana,

      I’m glad that I can be a source of inspiration. I’m also grateful that I’m able to help others achieve their running and life goals. Running has been such an integral part of my life.

      Your Coach,


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