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  1. David Brown says:

    Hi Rick. Happy New Year. I have a physiology question for you. Starting back training for Hyannis half in Feb, but it’s slow going. Experiencing chest pain (muscular, not cardiac) and I’m thinking it’s from running to straight up and heel to toe. Thinking the pounding on the heels with my 215lbs is causing spasm. When I walk it goes right away. So I’m trying leaning forward and running toe to heel. Seems like more stress on calves, but less chest pain. I can deal with that. What do you think?

    • Hello David,

      I think any chest pain is worth having checked out. Heel striking can certainly be the culprit of greater force, particularly if you’re over-striding. Your goal should be to run at a stride rate of 180 steps per minute with your feet landing directly beneath you. You’re correct that landing more on your mid/forefoot places greater stress on the calves. You may want to consider the book, Chi Running, as it helps develop more efficient running form.

  2. Sanjay Desai says:

    Hello coach Rick
    I am one of the runner who trained by you to run last Boston marathon. I enjoyed reading your Blog. How can I access to your new Blog they are Very powerful and motivated .

  3. Hi Rick,

    My name is Ronald J. Delorme, and you actually gave me my first pair of elite running shoes. We originally met through Summer Search Boston and Joshua Levine. I actually have a blog as well, Its for my service trip to Limon, Costa Rica. You should check it out It is so good to have encountered this page again. I am looking forward to putting your blog to good use. I actually already started reading a few things and so far great tips.

    Glad to see your still doing what you love, running.

    All the best,
    Ronald Delorme

  4. Smajl says:

    Hi Rick,

    My heart palpitations stopped night last night around 7pm. I am ready to run today but would like to hear your take on my situation.


    • I think it’s fine to try running today but I would stay close to home and carry your cell phone with you. Take regular and brief walk breaks and closely monitory your heart rate. Please update me afterwards.

      Your Coach,


  5. Smajl says:

    Hi Rick,

    I just finished my run. I run 15.34 miles in 2h 38m 14s. I also took 1 minute breaks almost every 9 minutes. What should I do tomorrow? Should I run my regular scheduled run?


    • Hello Smile,

      Great job completing this long run on your own. Tomorrow should be a complete rest day to recover from today’s long run. You will need to adjust the training days so that you’re still able to complete the scheduled weekly distance. Please let me know if you would like my help accomplishing this.


  6. Smajl says:

    Hi Coach,

    I did complete all my runs this week. I have a question for you. After my 16 miles run I felt that my right calf is tight almost cramped. It didn’t bother me this week but runs were only 4, 6 and 7 miles. My right calf is much better and I almost don’t feel anything there. I was wondering if you have any advise what to do. Is this common at this time, do I need to do any particular exercises or go to physical therapy. Other than that I feel great better than ever.


    • Hello Smile,

      You need to be sure you’re well hydrated before and during each run. I suggest you take regular walk breaks and stretch your calves. I can show you the best stretch in the morning. I will bring my Pro Stretch and Roll Recovery R8…I will see you then.

      Coach Rick

  7. Smajl says:

    Hi Coach Rick,
    I am getting ready for tomorrow and would like your advise what to snack during tomorrow’s run. I tried many of snacks such us GU etc and all of them upset my stomach. Should I bring Larabars or some other kind of power bars?


  8. Smile says:

    Hi Coach,

    I think that I have a good sense of how to keep myself hydrated but I am not sure that I have a good plan about what to snack on during the run.

    Please let me know if you can help me with this. I am a rookie and your help will be greatly appreciated. I want to make sure to complete my first marathon and I think that this can have a significant impact on my performance.

    See you on Saturday.

    • You should be well fueled going into Monday’s race. I recommend taking a gel every 5 miles as a minimum and be sure to drink water with each gel. I typically carry a baggie with red licorice with salt to feed my brain. You shouldn’t try anything in the marathon that you haven’t tried in training, though. If you have anyone meeting you along the course you may want to consider energy bars.

      I hope to see you at the pasta party.


  9. Smile says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thank you for all your very meaningful comments after the marathon. I am not sure if you know that 1/2 mile after I saw you I stopped by Red Cross medical tent to check my blood pressure (I felt a bit dizzy. They told me that was to low (96/78) and I shouldn’t continue running. I was around 2:30pm. My A-Fib started and my heart was racing. They recommended to go to NW hospital. I was in the hospital around 2:50 pm and as soon I got there I heard what was happening. My wife was supposed to meet with my nephew around 3pm at the finish line and she pushed it back because I was running slower (thanks god).

    As you mentioned before there is some strange sense of not finished work and not accomplishing the biggest goals that I had in my life so far. So I would like to propose something like Second Chance 117 Boston Marathon . I was thinking to go in a couple of weeks to run one more time to finish what I started. I would like to offer this to other runners but would like first to run by you first. When I say runners I mean Marathon Coalition (perhaps all others), This could be in collaboration with BAA, City of Boston and State to show to everyone how much it means to us to finish the Boston Marathon and to show our (Boston’s) resilience.

    To sum it up I am planning to run it no matter what. If someone would like to do it with me that would be great. If it doesn’t that is OK too.


  10. Bob says:

    Hi Coach Rick-

    I hope all is well with you. Thanks again for your guidance and inspiration leading into Boston 2013…..

    I’m considering private coaching for my next marathon (NYC – 21 weeks away!), with an overall goal of qualifying for Boston in 2015, when I’ll be 50. As you might know, I did 3:48:22 at Boston running for Summer Search, and I believe I need to be under 3:30 as a 50-year old.

    I don’t see specifics on your website. Are you accepting runners? What are the details?


    • Hello Bob,

      Thank you for your message. I sent a message to your gmail account. Please let me know if you did not receive it. I would welcome the opportunity to coach you for New York. I certainly think your goals are realistic.

      I’ll actually be in New York for the next two days and running in Central Park. I look forward to connecting with you.


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