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Moment Of Truth

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Can you recall your most recent moment of truth?  Maybe it was when you left for a run and were tempted to turn around and return home within the first 1/4 mile.  No one was holding you accountable… except yourself.   Or maybe you just crested Heartbreak Hill during the Boston Marathon and realized you didn’t train sufficiently to navigate the next 5 miles without a considerable physical and mental struggle.

It is during these times that we realize how strong and determined we are and where the greatest opportunities for growth and improvement are.  Everyone knows that denial is a weak opponent of significant accomplishments.  We begin to grow when we embrace the truth of the contribution we have made…to our training…to our friends…to our lives.

The New Year allows us to figuratively and, to some degree, literally wipe the slate clean and begin anew.  Rather than begin the New Year with an idealistic view that you can make seismic changes in every aspect of your life, assess where you did well as well as where you fell short.  Then establish realistic goals and develop a plan, with both short and long-term goals, that will lead you to the promised land.

Even the most motivated and capable set themselves up for failure and disappointment by setting too many unrealistic goals for the New Year.  History is a great predictor of the future.  If you don’t have the desire and discipline to commit to something today, it’s very unlikely January 1st will change that.

What is the most important thing you want to accomplish in 2015?  I recommend focusing on just that, with an unprecedented degree of determination and discipline.  You may realize how many other positive and significant things occur in the process.

Happy New Year…I hope it is filled with hope, great health and inspiration!

Transform Your Running In 2015

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 This is a recent blog post from Kelly Williamson.  I coached Kelly for her first marathon (Boston 2014), which she thought would be her last, and the 2014 New York City Marathon.  She and I have joined forces to write a book (In Memory Of Mom: A Son’s Journey Of Inspiration).  
Kelly describes how she benefited from my Transformational Running Clinic.  With the New Year approaching, this is the perfect opportunity to begin your year on a positive note and completely transform your running for the balance of your life.
Happy New Year!
Priceless Opportunity to Learn from the Best
I have been a runner since I was in high school and I joined the indoor track team to stay in shape for field hockey.  A distance runner before I even knew it, I signed up for the longest event they held indoors, the two mile race.  Honestly, it was awful.  Indoor tracks are so small…so many laps!  Even then, when I had a designated coach, I never learned anything new about running.  No methods to improve speed or run efficiently.  I didn’t think I needed coaching, either.  I mean, who doesn’t know how to run, right?  Wrong.

After I recovered from the Boston Marathon and I’d decided to run NYC, I emailed Coach Rick Muhr a few times, asking about training and nutrition, and he offered to conduct a Transformational Running Clinic to get my training off to a good start for my next race.  Of course, I jumped at the chance, considering it was his influence that turned this one-time marathoner into a may-never-stop marathoner.  That morning, out on the track at Grafton High School, I truly did become a different runner altogether.  He evaluated my form, worked on transitioning between running and walking, discussed nutrition, and I learned the importance of cadence in measuring the efficiency of my running.  Before that day, I didn’t really know what to make of my cadence data that I got from my Garmin, but after the clinic, I knew that a high cadence that is nice and even is optimal.  This graph above blows me away every time I look at it.  The top image is a cadence graph from a run before the clinic, which looks like an EKG.  The three images below are runs following the clinic, with high cadence in perfectly straight lines.  Unreal, but the proof is in the data.  In addition to the mechanics and nitty-gritty details of running, Rick helped me mentally prepare for a new marathon, talking about goals and the very different kind of training experience I had ahead of me.

So, why bring this up now, months after NYC?  Because right now, runners in the Boston area have an opportunity to win a free clinic with Rick like I had this past summer.  A free clinic with a coach like Rick is priceless, and not surprisingly, only 12 hours after announcing the contest, 40 of the 100 available entries have already been claimed by hopeful runners, many of whom I am sure are training of fall marathons.  I cannot stress enough what a perfect way this is to kick off your training, physically and mentally.

This contest is being offered by Rick and I as part of our platform-building efforts as we prepare our book proposal for submission to agents and publishers.  I know how many people are excited about this book.  I hear from people every single day about what an inspiring person and amazing coach Rick is and how excited they are to read the details of his journey to honor his mother’s memory.  I love it, keep it coming, because it is so heartwarming and motivating as his co-author.  Agents and publishers, however, want numbers.  They want proof that this book will sell, so we are collecting data on how many people subscribe to our blogs and visit our website so that we can prove it to them.  One piece of data we are building up is the number of people who are subscribed to receive monthly updates from our website that will offer running tips and exclusive excerpts from the books we move forward.

Thus, our contest!  Sign up for updates at and you are entered.  Simple as that.  The first 100 are entered, and one will be randomly chosen once we get to 100.  Everyone who enters, winner or not, gets training advice and book updates on a monthly basis delivered to their inbox.  Can’t really lose, quite honestly.  Rick is a true wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

So sign up, spread the word about our blogs and website.  Help us get people excited about what I know, for absolute certain, will be an incredible book.

(Not in the Boston area?  Sign up anyways, because the information is invaluable, but if chosen, you’d have to come to Boston to claim your clinic.  Rick isn’t flying to some faraway place.  He has writing to do!)


I am pleased to announce that Rainey Tisdale, Curator of the Dear Boston: Messages From the Boston Marathon Memorial exhibit at the Boston Public Library, will be discussing this project with the Marathon Coalition on February 7, 2015.

Over a year after the attack that took place on April 15, 2013, the city of Boston and the rest of the world continues to heal from this tragedy and celebrate all the positive that has resulted from this event.

This project allowed people from around the world to gather near the finish line of the Boston Marathon to reflect and heal.  The exhibit displayed hundreds of pairs of running shoes (most of them displaying messages of grief, hope and inspiration), notes, posters, hats,  and messages of solidarity from around the world.


No one will ever forget the four lives lost… Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi, Krystle Campbell, and Sean Collier. Winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, Meb Keflezighi, had their names written on all four corners of his race bib.


Holding the finish line banner of the 2014 Boston Marathon were the parents of Marathon Coalition runner, Kevin White.  All of whom were at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon when the bombs exploded.  Kevin’s father lost his leg that day but returned a year later to celebrate Meb’s incredible victory as well as his own recovery from a life threatening event and a renewed commitment to live life with greater purpose:

Meb Keflezighi

We are defined by how we handle the tragedy in our lives.  This event brought out the best in all of us and exemplified the spirit of a marathoner!


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Grafton Road Race II

More than anything…I AM A RUNNER! Running has been at the center of my life for the past 40 years and has been instrumental in defining who I am. It has prepared me for setback, disappointment, failure and even tragedy. Running has immeasurably improved my health, wellness and fitness. It has nourished my soul and been the primary source of empowerment and inspiration to chase my dreams in an attempt to live life with more meaning and purpose.

Running has allowed me to become a coach. And now I am also defined by that, which brings a greater degree of fulfillment and happiness into my life. Today begins another journey of preparing nearly 200 Marathon Coalition runners for the 2015 Boston Marathon and I could not hope for any more abundance in my life.

This journey will provide hope and opportunity to people who have gone far too long without both. I couldn’t be more proud of what the Marathon Coalition represents…Empowering Others Through Running!


Rick Muhr

When I awoke on July 10, 1996 I had no idea my life would be forever changed…in a dramatic and significant way.  I received a call from my sister sharing the startling news that our mother had been diagnosed with leukemia.  I couldn’t get to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota soon enough.

She passed 3 weeks later, but not before I had the opportunity to promise her that I would do something significant with my life to honor her memory.

The past 18 years have been the most significant of my life as I have passionately pursued that commitment to mom.  Thanks to the thousands of runners I have had the honor and privilege of coaching, this truly has been a journey of inspiration.

I’m thrilled to announce that I, along with my co-author and Marathon Coalition runner, Kelly Williamson, will be documenting this inspirational journey in a book; In Memory Of Mom: A Son’s Journey of Inspiration!

If I have coached you and had an impact on your life, I hope you will visit our website and consider sharing your story to be considered for inclusion in our book:

Boston Marathon Coaching Picture